Using virtual to streamline the new hire process.

Employee Retention

Great employee on boarding can improve employee retention by 82%.
(Glassdoor 2019)
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Prevent Mediocrity

12% of organizations do a good job of onboarding.
The other 88% don't on board well. Sad.
(Gallup Poll 2019)
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Week One

Organizations only focus on week 1 of onboarding. Leaving employees feeling confused and discouraged.
(HCI 2019)

Remember the onboarding process for your first job?  How about your third?
Probably not.

If you are anything like us, the organizations that you have worked for over the years have done less than a stellar job of onboarding employees.  The process always seems somewhat clunky, undefined and fairly disjointed.

How can major companies get way with this type of process or lack there of? Seems crazy right?  

Think about your first couple days on the jobs you have had over the years. Usually you are nervous, overloaded with learning and just trying to figure out your place.  This is an almost universal feeling and it is the employers  job to help.

When we think on boarding, we think about "chunking" the information and delivering it in smaller more "snackable" bites.

The best employee onboarding programs extend throughout the employee’s first 90 days—and may even extend out for a full year—to ensure new hires are fully supported as they ramp up to full productivity. Virtual on boarding can help achieve that goal. LETS get to work with Leading Edge Training Solutions!

A preview of the PDF available for download, "Onboarding. Using virtual to streamline the new hire process. Nick Zerby, Director of Business Development Leading Edge Training Solutions"


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