LETS meet the virtual experts

Lee Deaner

President, Owner
Philosophy: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill Learning is the key to life. We have to continue to learn to improve on our successes and grow in order to continue to be successful. Secondly “…failure is not fatal…”, all too often we do not have the courage to take accountability for our failures and learn from them so we do not repeat them. Everyone has failures, it is how you handle them that is most important. The knowledge gained from these failures is what leads to innovation, and innovation leads to success. Our goal at Leading Edge Training Solutions is to use the knowledge we gained from the hurdles, speed bumps, and road blocks we encountered to lead you down a path that avoids them, so you can achieve success faster than we did.

Education: I have a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from Boston University. I went to college on an ROTC scholarship and completed 4 years in the United States Army as an Armor officer.

Activities/Interests: I like to spend my free time with my wife and two amazing daughters. I love to continue to learn by reading and listening to a number of different podcasts. I also enjoy running, being outdoors, and playing with technology.
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Nick Zerby

Director of Business Development
Philosophy: I believe that the world can become a much smaller place through the use of technology. Connecting people in new and innovative ways is the driving force behind my work. The passion to help people have simple, engaging and rewarding virtual session(s) is something that inspires me every day.Over the course of eleven years in the pharmaceutical sales and training industry, I have developed a unique skill set. Combining a strong sales history, adept training skills and a passion for technology, Leading Edge Training Solutions is a perfect fit.I am always looking for ways to help customers identify needs that Leading Edge Training Solutions. can help solve. The biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding in my day to day work is helping customers craft their vision of what can be accomplished inside the virtual environment.

Education: I hold a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in Hospital Administration and Business. While earning my degree, I also competed as a Division I football player.

Activities/Interests: I enjoy spending most of my time with my awesome wife and two children. In my spare time, I strive to be a jack of all trades. I enjoy CrossFit, hunting, fishing, and really anything outdoors. Just for good measure, I pick up a guitar every now and again to stay in tune!
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Stanley Saint-Louis

Director of Sales
Philosophy: Throughout my daily work, a quote I always keep in mind is, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”  No matter the size of your business, excellent customer service attitude needs be at the heart of your business model if you wish to be successful. Over the course of twelve years in the pharmaceutical sales and training industry, I have developed a unique skill set in the area of virtual training.  My experience in sales, management, and adept training skills, combined with my passion for technology is why I feel Leading Edge Training Solutions and I are perfect fit. The biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding in my day to day work, is establishing a customer service attitude that treats customers respectfully, provides timely follow up, handles concerns gracefully, understands customer needs, and exceeds customer expectations.

Education: I graduated with honors and hold a bachelor’s degree in Communications Marketing from Delaware State University.

Activities/Interests: Most of my time is spent with my amazing wife and two children.  When I am not with them you can find me working out, golfing or enjoying my love of independent films.
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Gary Deamer

Director of Production
Philosophy: A successful webcast relies are the tireless efforts of a dedicated production crew. It’s not just choosing the right cameras, placing the lights at correct angles, or making sure the audio is set at the correct level.   More importantly, it’s the ability to step back and look at the entire show as one functioning machine. Over the course of the past fifteen years in the film and video production industry, my passion for film production has been my driving force.   I’ve worked on national magazine spots, Hollywood movies, independent films, and countless corporate commercials. These experiences have allowed me to develop a skill set unique in the areas of technology, customer service, and problem – solving. This is why I think Leading Edge Training Solutions is a perfect fit.

Education: I graduated with honors and hold a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University.

Activities/Interests: I spend most of my time with my lovely wife. We enjoy museums, independent films, and community art shows. When I’m alone, you can find me flying my drone.
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Amanda Abt

Executive Assistant
My career started predominantly focused in the banking industry, where I started in banking I was a teller, in college, for a small local bank in the town I grew up in.  17 years and 7 bank mergers later, I worked for one of the largest, most technically advanced banks in The United States.  

I have seen training and learning from all sides.  My career in the bank(s) went from Part-Time Teller to Assistant Manager, to Training Coordinator to Banking Center Manager.  I spent most of my time in the training division, focusing on developing and training Customer Service and Regulatory programs.  It’s amazing how quickly technology has improved what a trainer has the ability to teach and do.  They can now train a group of people, in multiple time zones, without anyone leaving their office.

I have always been an early adopter.  I love when I can help someone learn something new or an easier/faster way to get something done.  Leading Edge Training Solutions, LLC allows me to use my skill set to help our team and focus on our clients.Education:I graduated with high honors and hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an Associates degree in Travel Management from Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH.Activities/Interests:My family enjoys traveling to visit friends and family in New England. We recently started fostering rescue dogs.
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Josh Kotzen

Virtual Production Manager
Philosophy: "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjust the sails." - John Maxwell
As a Production Manager with Leading Edge Training Solutions, I am able to use my decades of live production experience to keep the sails trimmed correctly to lead you, your trainers and your trainees towards impactful and successful productions time after time. The back of my baseball card says that I am a multiple Emmy award-winning producer, director, photographer, designer and writer with over 25 years of live event experience in webcasting, television, radio and print media. My professional palette covers everything from Good Morning America, 20/20, Primetime Live and other ABC News programming, FOX Sports and NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL games, pharmaceuticals and companies just like yours. I have worked solely in the virtual training space since 2010. Also, I am a two time published author.   A producer's job is to make you comfortable enough to forget about the camera and focus on your content. That's what I do for Leading Edge, my only job is to do everything that comes with a production, so you can focus on the only thing that matters - doing your job.

Education: I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Rowan University.

Activities/Interests: Besides spending time with my family and friends, I'm an avid Philadelphia sports fan and I also love to read Western fiction.
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Harry Snodgrass

Director of Operations
I have over 35 years of senior management and creative experience in the entertainment, technology, Internet and patent industries. In Hollywood I am known as a top Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer and Mixer – with numerous award nominations and wins including an Emmy for Sound and a CAS award for mixing on "Flight 93" for A&E. I began my career at 20th Century Fox with credits on films including Predator 2, Alien 3, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Beverly Hillbillies and Hot Shots! Part Deux, in both a creative and management role. During my subsequent tenure at Universal Studios, I contributed to films and television shows including Mall Rats, BASEketball, McHale’s Navy, The Beast and Roar.

I also have extensive experience in sound remastering and restoration with credits including Vertigo, Rear Window, Touch of Evil and other classics. Other notable credits include the breakout hit Napoleon Dynamite. After my time at Universal Studios I have worked on over 50 more Independent films, documentaries, reality shows, numerous television shows and television movies in addition to the Need for Speed and True Crime Video game series which garnering numerous Video Game and BAFTA awards. More recently, I was employed by Sony Studios working on such shows as Homeland, Taken, Scorpion, Preacher, Futureman, The Good Doctor, Empire, Blacklist, and Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams.

Other experience outside of Hollywood includes work at the National Archives in a technical and business development capacity as well as numerous years in the Internet and Patent industries in various management, sales, and creative roles. My technology background also encompasses a former role as Vice President of Production for Activate and COO of Popcast – the precursor dot com companies to YouTube.

Through these roles I am recognized as a pioneer in the Streaming Media Industry, creating and webcasting many entertainment-based programs as early as 1998 while playing a key role in the development of many of today's streaming media software and technologies.  I also developed the first automated streaming system in the financial industry that made earnings calls available for the first time to a wider audience via audio streaming. Recently, I worked as a Program Director and Consultant in the Patent industry for numerous IC and Technology patents. I have been Published in multiple magazines and technical journals including; Mix, Film & Video, and Post
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Melissa Arce

Virtual Production Manager
Philosophy: I was introduced to virtual training over 10 years ago, and really love how we can reach the world with today's technology.  I have a passion for learning and connecting with customers worldwide. Leading Edge Training Solutions LLC allows us all to stay connected and identifies all the virtual needs and learning for you.  It’s a great honor to be part of Leading Edge Training Solutions LLC and I love working with all our clients.

Education: I hold an Associates Degree in Business Administration, and have certifications in Facilitation and Webinar Production.

Activities/ Interests: I love to travel, to see the world and learn new cultures.  I enjoy traveling with my husband, and I have two older sons that love to travel with me when they can.
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Lawrence Feng

Virtual Production Manager
Philosophy: I think that much of what makes life meaningful comes from healthy and invested relationships. With that, I firmly believe that clear, direct, and positive communication makes those relationships possible. That's what I love about this job: meeting new people and getting to know their personalities, as well as helping them communicate with others.

Education: I recently graduated from Rutgers University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor's in Journalism and Media Studies. While studying journalism and media, I honed my communication skills and gained professional studio production experience.

Activities/Interests: I love cooking and baking - in my most recent endeavor, I started baking cinnamon rolls! I also enjoy exercising, playing guitar, and practicing photography and videography.
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Eric Laney

Virtual Production Manager
Philosophy: I firmly believe that training should be dynamic and evolve with technology. Leading Edge Training Solutions LLC is ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned. I can take my passion for live streaming and help businesses maximize on technology they want to push to better their clientele’s experience. It reduces friction for everyone while providing new avenues for businesses to grow.

I studied Education at Texas State University at San Marcos, Texas and Japanese at Trident College in Nagoya, Japan.

When I am not spending time with my wife and child I’m a live streamer on Twitch. I produce a variety of programming including shoutcasting for esports tournaments. I am part of the on camera crew for SOBA, Seattle Online Broadcasters Association, where I perform live interviews on the front page of Twitch once a month
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