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Learner Comes First

Thinking about the learner first is our priority. When they get what they need we all win.
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Choosing The Right Tools

Every tool is not the same. We look at your needs and then help you choose the right tool for the job.
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Expert Production Staff

Successful events rely on great producers. Our staff of experts can help make your next event great.

Live Stream

Do you want to reach a global audience that just couldn’t attend the meeting? Why not stream it back to them?
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Virtual Conferences

How many people are you missing at your conference because of cost, timing or travel inconvenience? Bring them in virtually.
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Are you using webinars to drive results in your business or avoiding them because they are a technological nightmare?
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Virtual Classroom

Small group, big learning. Learners thrive in the virtual setting. Even the least "techie" folks. Don’t believe, learn more.
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You have to train new hires employees in real time and want them to have the best experience. Why are you not using virtual?
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Thought Leader Meetings

Get opinions, anecdotes and feedback about your company or products from the minds you value most.
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Video Podcasting

Snackable bites of learning in the most relevant of formats, video. Let us help you get started today!
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Improve Your Own Skills

The camera doesn’t add ten pounds, but not having the skills to get on camera can make you look silly. Improve your virtual facilitation skills.
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“Two months following the launch we were able to conduct a live meeting. We found that the folks whom participated in the virtual workshops were extremely well prepared. They came ready to role play and practice because they had already covered the foundational knowledge virtually!”

John S.

Director of Sales Training
"Typical training models take people out of the field for quite a while, disrupting their routine. Working with their specific teams even for just a day or two meeting can waste an entire week of productivity and sales. Leading Edge was able to accomplish the same training virtually, and we only lost three hours out of the field."

Melissa W.

Assoc. Director of Global Training
"Leading Edge was able to help us with on demand leadership development training. Fast effective training delivered in the moment. Meeting the learners exactly where and when they need it the most."

Amanda P.

Director of Leadership Development
"We had a very specific need regarding a launch and the combination of two companies to promote the product. Leading Edge was able to seamlessly train the entire 300 person field force on all virtual sessions in preparation for our live meeting. We then used Leading Edge's technology/production services to make our live meeting a huge success by streaming the meeting out to ten breakout rooms and the home office for three days straight!"

Emily R.

Global Director of Training
“We have used Leading Edge to live stream sales meetings all over the globe! We have also used them exclusively to shoot video podcasts and video hype packages for our sales teams. Their unique combination of training expertise mixed with technology always helps us end up with a great product."

Ty L.

Director of Field Force Effectiveness
"We have used Leading Edge to transform our Thought Leader Meetings. Traditionally we would host two or three meetings annually. The were very expensive, time consuming and require a lot of energy for only 10-15 people to attend. With the assistance of Leading Edge we have rethought our approach. Instead of two or three live meetings, we know host 10-12 virtual meetings annually with less cost, less planning and a new 10-15 thought leaders on every meeting! We have increased our reach dramatically!"

Vicky C.

Global Marketing Director