Refining your skills for a Virtual Audience.

Get the most from your audience

Refine your skills today and impress your audience tomorrow. Virtual facilitation skills are the key to engaging an audience online.
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Different role different skill

No matter what "role" you are playing on the virtual session ( facilitator, moderator or presenter), let us teach you how to be the best you can be.

Overcoming fear

Most people are fearful or apprehensive about being on camera. Let us show you why and how to conquer that fear so you can get on camera with confidence.
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You have been on stage 1000 times. You are an expert at reading your audience. You really know how to get them going, keep them on the edge of their seats and then drive home the main points.  

Everyone walks out of the meeting knowing exactly what to do and your presentation was a huge success.  Sound familiar?

Not everyone is TED talk worthy, but lets face it, you have probably worked pretty hard on improving your facilitation skills over time.  Maybe even taken a course or two. You may have at least received some feedback from your boss or peers on how to improve your presence from stage. Or you are on the other side of the fence and absolutely dread public speaking.

No matter which description fits you, we can tell you from experience that no matter where your skills lie, there is always room for improvement.  

Even if you are awesome on stage in front of people, those skills only loosely translate into the virtual environment. Let us help you refine your virtual presentations skills in a matter of a few hours. According to Harvard Business Review authors Scott Berinato and Nancy Duarte, 80 percent of presentations are now delivered remotely. So no matter the industry or type of job you hold, there is a good chance that you will be either delivering or participating in this type of meeting. LETS get to work with Leading Edge Training Solutions!

A preview of the PDF available for download, "Refining your skills for a virtual audience. Nick Zerby, Director of Business Development Leading Edge Training Solutions"

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